About Us

Voice of the Canals


Through our Mission Statement we seek to build bonds of community among all the residents of the Venice Canals, and to foster understanding and respect for the unique character and history of the Venice Canals.

The purpose of our organization is to:

-- facilitate the building of consensus through communication and open dialogue

-- actively engage in projects, social events, and educational programs that supports the welfare of the community

-- actively address issues that conserve and enhance the character of the Venice Canals community and to affirm our commitment to the stewardship of the Venice Canals for future generations

-- serve as a link between residents of the canals and the greater Venice and Los Angeles communities.


The VOC was organized in 2003 to provide inclusive representation for all Canal residents, whether a property owner or renter. The Bylaws were approved at the Annual General Membership Meeting on April 19, 2004. We have both a General and Support membership. The General membership is for those residing within the canals. The Support membership for those living outside the canals. Membership is open to all residents eighteen years of age and older and is $20.00 per year.

Our address is 412 Sherman Canal, Venice, CA 90291. E-mail contact: voiceofthecanals@pobox.com Web site: voiceofthecanals.org. The VOC is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS and State of Calfornia. All donations aretax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.Our membership year is July 1 - June 30.


To increase communications we have “VOCAL-Net,” through“Constant Contact,”which provides timely e-mail communications, and this Web site. All our communications are made available to any resident of the canals and other interested persons.


Our Steering Committee is comprised of eleven General members. The Committee elects the four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The current officers are: President, Marjorie Weitzman, Vice President, Susan Painter, Secretary “ Revolving." and Treasurer, Amy Gorton. In addition to the officers, the Steering Committee members are: Connie Forrest, Catherine Holliss, and Linda Shusett.


To accomplish the work of the organization we have replaced our subcommittees with committees that focus on an event. This provides our volunteers with choices about how to use their time and interests in shorter time frames. Previous events/projects included: “DeTox” Sunday, "Annual Gathering," Labor Day Party, Holiday Bridge Party and Bridge Lighting, Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and Waystation, Distribute Flyers/Newsletter, “Welcome Bags,” Newsletter, and General Helper.


Our Canal and greater Venice community is a very import part of our Mission Statement. Here are some of our recent and on-going areas of support:Venice Garden and Home Tour $250 / Venice Poet's Memorial Project, co-sponsor $500 / Venice Surf and Skateboard Association $150 for membership and Skatepark maintenance / Venice Japanese Memorial Marker $250 / Jaya Historical Mural Restoration, co-sponsor $500 / Annual Thanksgiving Dinner recognition for Pacific Division LAPD officers $100 / Re-Lighting of the original "Venice Sign" on Windward Ave. $200 / Planted Monarch butterfly plants at the Las Doradas Children's Center's new garden project / Venice Canals' "Gateway Project" at Dell Ave, a co-op maintenance project with the Venice Canals Association, $1,440/yr., andPAD The Teen Project, (Protection and Direction) provides transtional housing to homeless youths, Windward Avd.., $250/yr.

June 2015