Tidal Gate 2016 Update

Cleaning a Culvet With the Jet Nozzle

The repairs to the five culverts are moving forward. They are being cleaned and then a liner will be put in.

This cleaning is now being done from the south side of Washington Blvd. Currently they are working on two culverts.

The cleaning process is interesting and dramatic. They use a water jet powered cleaning nozzle (photo below). However, the jet openings face backward and water pressure pushes the nozzle forward into the culvert.

Then, the nozzle is pulled out. As it exists, the jets of water, under hundreds of pounds of pressure, clean the concrete walls. At the same time, the water jets push the debris out producing a massive spray as you can see from the photos. And, you don't want to be in front of that spray loaded with rocks, etc.

The debris is sucked up by a giant "Shop Vac" into a truck and hauled away.

After a culvert is cleaned, its diameter will be measure to make sure the liner is installed correctly as part of this two phased project.

No finish date is available.

Will continue to keep you informed.

Washington Blvd. north side. The quiet side.

Washington Blvd. south side. Where the noise is!

Water Jet Powered Cleaning Nozzle Full On. See Nozzle below.

Water, Muck, and Debris Flowing Out

Debris Cleaned Out, including Rocks and Bricks

Cleaning Around the Waste Water Well

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