Crime Log



LAPD District 1441

LAPD Pacific Division Report for District 1441

(Venice Canals and Immediate Adjacent Area)

Area boundaries: (N) S. Venice Blvd., (E) Ocean Ave., (S) Washington Blvd., and (W) Pacific Ave.

Crime report information for the Venice Canals is obtained fromCrime When know, a LAPD Report / Incident No. is cited. The list includes reports from Canal residents, other involved persons, and the Venice Canals Neighborhood Watch.


1.Emergency 9-1-1

2. If not an emergency, call LAPD Pacifc Division Front Desk: 310-482-6334, 6335, 6336. If busy, call LAPD Non-Emergency at 1-877-275-5273.

3. If you are asubscriber, call Security Service Systems (SSS) at 310-477-2095, which provides our Community Bike patrol and has a 24 hour car available. They also provide alarm services.

4. Notify our LAPD Senior Lead Officer Monique Contreras. E-mail: Phone: 424-339-5737. Basic Car 14-A-11, Venice Canals area 1441.


Assault with Deadly Weapon (ADW) Likely to produce great bodily injury.

Burglary Entry of structure with intent to commit theft or a felony, includes vessels

Burglary, OtherStructures: Night, entry by force

Burglary from Vehicle: Entered a locked vehicle.

Hot Prowl Crime occurs while residents are at home. Residents may not be aware crime is occuring in another part of home. Very dangerous!

Robbery Taking property of another by means of force or fear.

Theft - Grand $950.01 & over, or $100 if fowl, livestock, produce, etc.

Theft - Petty $950 and under.

Theft from Vehicle - Grand $950.01 and over. Entered an unlocked vehicle.

Theft from Vehicle - Petty $950 and under. Entered an unlocked vehicle.