Pipeline 2014


a. Cause of leaks: Corrosion of iron pipes, which were installed in 1994. Will be replaced with plastic pipes with extra corrosion protection on the outside.

b. Project is for Courts B, C, D, and E in the 200 block only. This includes "T" lots on Grand Canal Court. CONSTRUCTION IS ON ONE COURT AT A TIME. Each court will take approximately 3 weeks, starting with Court E on October 6th.

c. Work Hours: M-F 8:00 to 4:00. NO ACCESS TO COURT DURING WORK HOURS. They work on 20' at a time in an area approximately two feet wide. They then fill in the area and put in temporary concrete cap to within 2 to 4 inches of surface. Use steel plates to cover work in progress. The trench WILL be repaved to return the drainage system paid for by residents of Courts B, C, and D.

d. Residents can use their court BEFORE AND AFTER the work hours, as available, and on weekends. Cars need to be out by 8:00 and can return after 4:00. To reduce the inconveniences that may occur, all equipment will be parked at the Court being worked on. It is not left overnight. Dell Ave. WILL be OPEN.

e. Emergencies Services and trash collection will be notified as will gas and electrical utilities.

f . Arrangements will be made for parking, if you need it, in the Venice Blvd. public parking lot.

g. DWP is responsible for water service up to your water meter. Your service line from the main line will be repaired/replace if needed.h. The VOC and VCA organizations will support the DWP's E-mail every 2 week Project update by e-mailing to their membership lists.

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